Ted Godwin

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lilypads one_thumbb.jpgSold
Lily Pads I
mixed media
18.25" x 26"

kananaskis fall five twentyfive_thumbb.jpgSold
Kananaskis Fall
hand tinted etching (unique) 5/25
Actual watercolour paper size 22" x 30"

Hand written copy below reads:
"Small intimate riotously coloured beaver ponds often hold equally riotously coloured Selvelinus Fontinalis - Brook Trout in common veracular. A well placed #14 Royal Coachman next to some "cover" will usually elicit a quick response. Often one will get a response if it isn't so well placed. If there is no response let it just sit for awhile and then twich it a couple of times. I have often had surprising response."

lilypads one_thumbb.jpgFall on the Crowsnest
hand tinted etching (unique) 17/25
actual watercolour paper size 22 x30"

Hand written copy reads:
"Well positioned in the lee of the second stump out of the current with an eye on all tasty morsels that drift by his front door Mr Big awaits my offering. A Royal Coachman delivered above and off the edge of the first stump will have a natural float by his trout door and usually suffice to entice him out. With the take the game is afoot. With so much deadfall available the odds of success definitely favor the fish. Even if I am successful I will remove the fly, revive the fish and be content to watch him swim back to the depths where he can sulk in silence."

lilypads two_thumbb.jpgLily Pads II
mixed media
19" x 23.25"

lilypads three_thum.jpgLily Pads III
mixed media
17" x 23.75"

In The Supermarket_thumbb.jpgIn The Supermarket - Tartan Folly
mixed media
26" x 20"

kannanaskis fall fifteen twentyfive_thb.jpgKananaskis Fall
hand tinted etching
image size 9" x 12"
actual watercolour paper 22" x 30"

Hand written copy reads;
"A well placed #14 ginger quill will often elicit a quick response from whatever is lurking below the surface in the general vicinity, "whatever" is usually a brook trout of the 1/2 lb. variety or Selvelinus Fontinalis if you prefer.
In the fall with mating colours predominating they are truly as beautiful as it gets."

Wild Rice,  Lily Pads & Summer Breezes Farewell 100.jpgWild Rice, Lily Pads & Summer Breezes Farewell
hand tinted etching (unique)
19.5" x 25.5"