Early Spring Showing Continued

Anne new pair.jpg

A pair of new pieces by Anne Brochu Lambert in encaustic called Village IV and Village VI.

Ryan needlepoint_500.jpg

Two new framed pieces by Ryan Arnott, called Bowl of Fruit Diptych: Back and Forth.

Cam front window_500.jpg

A striking work in acrylic by Cameron McKay in the front window. SOLD

Kathy Bradshaw_500.jpg

Four small oil encaustic pieces by Kathy Bradshaw, called Lively Clouds over Wheat Field, Lake Showers, Starlite Night and Northern Lights, all 8 x 8".

Andrew display_500.jpg

Some examples framed up of the Chinese Calendar Animals by Andrew Valko. 12 different colourful silkscreens are available, with information to help you find your "animal".

North Wall 500.jpg

One view of the front gallery full of works by our gallery artists.

south wall 500.jpg

Another view of the front gallery.


A view of one of our alcoves with work by Jane Zednik, a ceramic by Tashaki Hara and a soapstone carving by Larry Trask.

Sean 2 burning homes 500.jpg

On the feature wall in the back gallery are two acrylic on canvas pieces by Sean William Randall.

Wilf_Larry 500.jpg

A beautiful back alley painting by Wilf Perrault (Sold) and an alabaster carving of a polar bear by Larry Trask.

Catherine wall 500.jpg

On one of the portable walls is a beautiful example of the watercolour work of Catherine Macaulay.

Cougars 3_500.jpg

Cougar Hockey: Glove Save, Cougar Hockey: Pre-Game, and Cougar Hockey: Slap-Shot, are all
silkscreens by Wilf Perreault. There are 2 more in this series.

front gallery_500.jpg

Another view of the light filled front gallery.

Catherine wall500.jpg

Catherine Macaulay watercolours, called Postcards from a Prairie Garden: Sweet Peas #3, #1, #4.

fireplace wall 500.jpg

Marsha Delouchery painting called Spoils of Defeat, acrylic and fluorescent paint on canvas, and postcard size silkscreen pieces by Wilf Perreault

Beth wall 500.jpg

Beth Gaffney - Three small(6 x 6") acrylic on canvas pieces by Beth Gaffney called Little Flowers Teacup, Two Roses Teacup (Sold), and Roses with Gold Teacup.

Anne wall.jpg

Anne Brochu Lambert, monotype encaustic on paper. Terra Promise I, Terra Promise II and Champs/Fields I.