Welcome to the Nouveau Gallery

Welcome to the Nouveau Gallery!

Our regular hours are:
Thursday – Saturday, 12:00- 4:00pm
We are also open by appointment

Top Row, left to right:
Anne Brochu Lambert-Open Series: HomeLand #25, $400.00
Ryan Arnott- Fall Fern Pencil, $400.00
Sharon Eisbrenner- New Beginnings, $125.00
Jefferson Little- Still Life while Moving: Celestial Sidecar, $750.00
Miranda Jones- Iconic Blue, $750.00
Beth Gaffney- Roses with Gold, $200.00
Wilf Perreault- Positive, AP, $180.00 unframed / $200.00 framed
Donna Langhorne- Cranberry Tea, $350.00
Beth Gaffney- Pretty Ladies IV, $275.00
Takashi Hara- Cloud- White/Pastel, $125.00 each
Kathleen Avram- First Fall, $300.00
David Ladmore- Green and Gold, $550.00
Bottom Row:
Bridget Aitken- Take Off, $200.00
Wilf Perreault- Cathedral, AP, $180.00 unframed / $200.00 framed
Donna Langhorne- Hummingbird, $350.00
Miranda Jones- My Sweet Tangerine, $520.00
Jan Corcoran- Under the Water, $400.00
Beth Gaffney- Pretty Ladies V, $275.00
Sharon Eisbrenner- Refreshing, $85.00
Ryan Arnott- Green Fern Pencil, $400.00
Catherine Macaulay- Winter Blossoms #2, $375.00
Miranda Jones- Hide ‘n’ Seek, $650.00
Leila Armstrong- Sketch for Valentino Buck, $300.00
Miranda Jones- Oh Deer , $600.00