Lyndon Tootoosis

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Grandmother’s Spirit

Brazilian Soapstone
07 x 12 1/2 x 3″

We pray to our ancestors. They watch from the Spirit World guiding us thru dreams and visions.

Kiss of Life

Brazilian soapstone
8 x 10 x 5″

As Cree people we believe that we are connected to everything that is on Turtle Island. We have all been given the same gift of life from the Creator. In our language, it is called the Kiss of Life.

Spirit Dancer-Protector

Brazilian soapstone
11 x 5 x 3″

In Cree traditions, when a person passes away, their Spirits go on to dance in the sky as the Northern lights. They watch over us and guide us through our dreams. They are there to protect us.


Brazilian soapstone
8 x 10 x 4″

In the past, our storyteller was our educator. The stories of our People were used to pass on life lessons necessary to survive. Today the teachers are the modern day version of the storyteller, guiding our young to become vibrant members of our community



The Spirit of Spring

Italian soapstone
8 x 8.5 x 3.5″

We pray in the spring for the return of life. We ask for the Spirit Within to awaken.