Fall show of Gallery Artists

A view of the upper gallery showcasing new work from all of our gallery artists.

Brian Hoxha’s Autumn Tranquillity, oil on canvas, 32 x 40″
and Anne Brochu Lambert’s Fields XII Summer, Fields XIV Fall and Fields XII Spring, encaustic, Japanese paper, graphite, 23k goldleaf on wood panel, each 14 x 18″.

Empty Garbage Cans by Wilf Perreault, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40″, 1980.
Run Ragged and Brownie by Larry Trask, soapstone.

From left to right; Underwater Wave and Trophy, soapstone carvings by Larry Trask, Grow as You Are by Takashi Hara and Prairie Ghost, alabaster by Larry Trask.

Waiting for the Bus by Gary Miller, pastel on paper, 32 x 24″, 2012, framed.

An encaustic grouping by Kathy Bradshaw. Top; On A Starry Night, oil encaustic, charcoal and oil stick on wood panel, 30 x 30″. Bottom; There is Such Joy In This Land II, oil encaustic and metallic powder on wood panel, 12 x 36″. 6 Little Landscapes, each 3 x 4″, oil encaustic on wood.

Lightning Spirit by Miranda Jones, oil, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 39.5 x 43.5″, 1990.