Hot Dogs and Cool Cats

Yellow Sky by Wilf Perreault and Summer’s Foliage by Gary Miller

Just Hanging Around, watercolour by Beth Gaffney

Swimmers I/Nageurs I, Swimmers II/Nageurs II by Anne Brochu Lambert

Birches on Copper by Kathy Bradshaw, oil encaustic and by Larry Trask, Greetings, Underwater Wave and Brownie, all soapstone

The Beach Boys by Miranda Jones

Mystic Light by Wilf Perreault

Green Grass Paint Tube, Lime Green Grass Paint Tube and Burnt Umber Grass Paint Tube by Ryan Arnott

Archimedes Thinking Spot, watercolour by Sharon Eisbrenner, River Island – Asessippi by Don Proch, Sisters, watercolour by Sharon Eisbrenner

Golden Fields of Summer, oil encaustic by Kathy Bradshaw

Punk Pelicans and Four Pelicans, oil and metallic leaf on canvas by Miranda Jones