Monet’s Gifting Ideas

Here are just a few of the Gifting picks from Monet for this season – Top Left to Right: Family by Donna the Strange, Series Fields/Champs:Rooted/Enpacine by Anne Brochu Lambert, Coyote Dreaming (Eat, Prey, Love) by Miranda Jones, On a Mission II by Kathy Bradshaw, Moorland 76 by David Ladmore and Ice Bear by Larry Trask
Drop by and see all the unique and one of a kind pieces
by Canadian artists

Show on Now till January 31, 2020

Top Left to Right: Free Spirit by Sharon Eisbrenner, Dot with Pear by Brigit Aitken, New Roots by Kathleen Avram, Twisted Horned Watcher by Jamie Russell, Black Birds Singing by Jan Corcoran, The Spirit of Spring by Lyndon Tootoosis and Heart Tree (Noon Thaw)(J) by Ryan Arnott.

Top Left to Right: Cabinet of Beautiful by Gerry Ruecker, Waiting For The Bus by Gary Miller, Roses with Gold by Beth Gaffney, Fall Dances by Catherine Macaulay, Elsewhere by Laureen Marchand, The Crow Commute by Kevin Lanthier, Grow as You Are by Takashi Hara, Under the Western Sky by Brian Hoxha, Musee Carnavalet I and Musee Carnavalet II by Jeanie Mah.