Spring Show 2015

To see a close-up of a piece and for more information, look for the artist’s name under Artist List.

12 Chinese Horoscope Animals by Andrew Valko.
Each silkscreen is 5 x 7″.
Several ideas for framing shown.
To see all 12 images check out his Artist page.

Five pieces by Ryan Arnott. Sparkling Glasses 2(SOLD), 3 and 4. Made of acrylic with a Swarovski crystal on canvasboard. Two Untitled sculptures made from stonewear.

April by Sean William Randall. 72 x 48″, acrylic on canvas.

Green Grove, an oil on canvas by Vasyl Popruzhenko. 34 x 42″.

Two acrylic on canvas pieces by Marsha Delouchery from her Ruined Earth Series, Circling Slowly and Mutinous Advance. Both 42 x 60″ each.

Genesis Code 09 (History) by Donna Kriekle, watercolour with frame. Open Sky: Fields II by Anne Brochu Lambert, encaustic, 24 x 30″.

Three pieces by Kathy Bradshaw, oil encaustic on panel. By The Point, 14 x 14″, Little Penninsula, 6 x 6″, and Glow, 8 x 8″.

Inside Outside, Bird at the Window by Miranda Jones, 36 x 37″, mixed media on panel. Spring Surge by Jane Zednik, oil on paper, 12 x 16″.

The End by Andrew Valko, silkscreen 36 x 21″, framed. Radiant by Wilf Perreault, acrylic on canvas, 18 x 30″.

Olympus, Long and Low by Grant McConnell,acrylic on wood, 54 x 21″. Mid-Morning by FISH, Gary Miller. Oil on canvas board, 18 x 24″

Three pieces by Robert Senger, Silver Tea Cup and Copper/Gold Tea Cup(SOLD). All acrylic on 3/4″ birch, 8 x 9.5 and 7.5 x 10″ each. The Kazan Theotokis, acrylic on 3/4″ birch with gold leaf, 7.5 x 10″.

Purple Irises (with Colourful Grass), archival pigment ink, 24 x 13.5″ by Ryan Arnott. Two watercolours by Catherine Macaulay, Spring Open, 16 x 20″ and Daffodils in Spring, 27.5 x 22″.